Podcast: What Makes Heaven Rejoice?

Have you ever wondered what makes God rejoice? Luke 15:1-10 shows us that it is when a sinner repents. God is ready to celebrate when you turn from sin and trust in His Son, Jesus.

Download: What Makes Heaven Rejoice


Podcast: Without the Shedding of Blood (Randy Southerland)

Listen as Randy Southerland preaches on “Without the Shedding of Blood,” with texts from Genesis 3 and the book of Hebrews.

Download: Without the Shedding of Blood

Podcast: Unless You Repent


Do you believe that some people experience tragedy because they are worse sinners than others? Jesus says, “I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” Judgment is coming for us all…unless we repent. The only reason we haven’t perished yet is because Jesus has said to the Father, “Let it alone, sir.” God is patient, but a definite time of reckoning is coming soon.

Podcast: How Many Will Be Saved?

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How many people will be saved? Will everyone be saved? Most people? Some? While Jesus never gives us a specific number, He does tell us that there are many people who think that they will be saved but will not be able. We are only able to enter into salvation through the narrow door. Many try to enter in through other ways, but will soon find that they are on the outside looking in. Listen from Luke 13:22-30 to hear Jesus answer the question, “Are there just a few who are being saved?”

Podcast: God Does Not Forget

God will not forget one word, one action, one person, or one work of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing we can hide from God. He is all-knowing and perfect in His knowledge. The only time He ever forgets anything is when He chooses to. Open your Bibles and follow along in Luke 12:1-12.

Podcast: How to Serve Without a Title

Do you have to be a pastor before you are truly able to serve God? Do you have to be a staff member of a church in a paid position? What if you don’t have an official “title” at your church? Listen to God’s Word from Colossians 3 to see how you can serve God by doing whatever work God has given you to do in whatever location He has placed you. You can glorify God by being an artist, construction worker, landscaper, teacher, custodian, waiter, or any number of jobs. In the end, what matters isn’t so much what you do, it is how you do it: with love, forgiveness, humility, and thanksgiving.

Podcast: What David Tells Us About Jesus

Yes, David was the king. But his purpose in life was to point us to the True King, Jesus Christ. What else does David tell us about Jesus? Listen from Acts 2 as we see how David tells us about the resurrection, how we can trust God’s Word, and where Jesus is triumphantly seated right now.